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Woocommerce: Ecommerce Platform Review


Woocommerce is a wordpress plugin designed for use with WordPress based websites. This plugin helps website owners to easily convert their sites into ecommerce stores. Developed by Woothemes, it is free to download and boasts over 1.3 million downloads to date. This is an extendable ecommerce plugin. Extensions enable better efficiency as well as provide the necessary tools and features necessary to run an ecommerce store. Including an intuitive user interface, this ecommerce plugin is easy to use. If you want to see a woocommerce site in action.

Woocommerce Pricing

This is a free to download ecommerce plugin. It comes with over 270 extensions most of which are free. Paid extensions are also available. Some of the paid extensions include follow up emails and product CSV import suite.

Pros of Using Woocommerce

Merchants don’t have to pay to use the plugin. You just have to download and install it onto a WordPress website. The installation process is very easy. In addition, the intuitive user interface makes it easy to use the plugin. With its 270 extensions, this plugin offers numerous tools and features to ensure that the ecommerce store runs smoothly. Paid extensions allow users to select features which add better functionality. This plugin is highly secure ensuring that online stores remain safe for both the store owner as well as clients. Merchants can choose from over 30 themes to create a custom online store. Like other WordPress based products, this plugin is in continual development. This means that it gets better with every new version.

Cons of Using Woocommerce

Some of the extensions are pricey. This limits the merchant’s ability to extend and add functionality to their online stores.

Ease of Use

Using Woocommerce is quite easy. Merchants only need to download and install the plugin to their WordPress website. It also features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to install and add extensions.


It is quite easy to customize online stores that have this plugin. The intuitive user interface as well as easy to follow instructions enable store owners to customize their websites making them unique. The different themes and extensions further make customization easy.