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Why Start an Online Boutique?

Many people ask why start an online boutique and what makes it a boutique and not store?

The main reason for opening a boutique is of course to make money, but a few people are also driven by the love of the product, others start a boutique as a hobby. Here are a few major reasons for which people start online boutiques:

  • The startup cost and overhead are much cheaper than a retail location.
  • It requires less time since you don’t have a store staff.
  • It’s easy to start a small business.
  • And let’s face it’s all the buzz to sell your own things.

So what is the difference between an online boutique and an online store? Many online stores are or started out as online boutiques. Traditionally boutiques are more targeted. They carry a specific line of items to appeal to a specific group of customers, for example, a full figured fashion boutique, vintage car parts boutique or even a home decor boutique. For each of these shops, I’m sure should have thought of a customer that’s just right for the store/shop.

Many boutiques later expand and have more of a store with various departments and target markets but boutiques can still be a major source of traffic as well as money.

People like a place for them where they can find what they are looking for. Boutiques often offer a very unique specialized shopping experience that builds customer loyalty and sometime can get a higher price tag.