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Start an Online Boutique Checklist

Owning an online boutique can be fun, exciting, profitable and confusing. There is a wealth of information about starting an online boutique out there. You can spend the next few weeks reading and learning everything, but sometimes you want a quick start. So I’ve put together this quick checklist to start an online boutique, it contains all the critical information you need to get started and you will find links on the site to learn more. I use these same steps when I work with clients to make their online boutique dreams come true.

Following this quick list will have you on the way to getting your Online Boutique up and running in no time. To make things easy for you, I’ve also provided a few helpful links to posts that we have on the site so that you can learn more about the topic you are interested in. Happy reading!!

marykayquoteMake a measurable business plan

It is said that a good beginning means half of the work is done. Take a pen and a notepad and jot down the ideas and stages of starting your online business. More ingenuity you will bring into the plan the more successful you will be. You can use the steps mentioned below to help you with putting in your business plan. Also include a rough budget for your store and how you plan to get funding options. If you manage to find answers to all of these questions, consider your work done.

Identify your Target Market

Choosing a target market early is critical to determining what type of products you will offer, what marketing techniques you will use and even influences the design of your ecommerce website. When deciding who and what to sell, don’t only think of things that interest you but also look for products that interest others. Try to find products that people are ready to buy.

Select a dependable source for the product

The type, quality and availability of the product are very important for your web store. After you decide what you want to sell, you need to determine the most affordable and reliable way to source your products. There are 3 major product supply options you can consider:

  1. Sell your own product: You can either make homemade products or work with a manufacturer to create your unique product line.
  2. Wholesale products: This is the most popular option for online businesses because with this business model you find dependable suppliers, buy in bulk quantity and then resale in your online store, see our Wholesaler directory for a list of various wholesalers………


Download this handy PDF that you can use through out your Boutique Journey

The steps you need to start working towards your online retail boutique today.