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Shopify: Ecommerce Platform Review

shopify_logoShopify  is one of the leading ecommerce platforms available today. Founded in 2006 as an ecommerce software, the platform has grown to having over 60,000 active online stores. The platform offers 3 packages whose pricing ranges between $29 and $179 per month. Merchants can upgrade or downgrade their plans anytime. Each plan comes with 24/7 support. This ecommerce platform also provides over 100 professionally designed themes which makes opening and running an online store easy.


Shopify Pricing

Opening an online store on this platform is free. Merchants are offered a 14 day trial period after which they have the option of selecting among 3 paid plans. Besides the monthly fees, there aren’t any additional costs to incur. There is however the optional POS package that costs an additional $49.


Pros of Selling on the Platform

Thisecommerec platform offers over 100 free store templates. These are easily customizable giving online stores a unique look. The 14 day free trial period provides the best opportunity to learn about using the platform before going for the paid plans. Each plan comes with 24 hour support which makes running online stores easier. Each plan comes with unlimited bandwidth at no extra cost. In addition, the software is ideal for both the beginner and expert online store owner. The plans are designed such that every merchant can find a package that best suits their business. The platform also offers numerous features and tools which are geared towards ensuring an online store’s success.


Cons of Selling on Shopify

The platform has numerous free apps. There are however monthly subscription apps which might end up costing the online store owner more in the long run.


Ease of Use

Running an online store on Shopify is quite easy. It comes with over 100 beautifully designed templates that can be easily customized. The numerous features and tools provided also make promoting, managing and running an online store easy.



Besides the store templates, merchants with coding knowledge can code their own unique online stores on this platform. They can also hire a designer to code their stores. Shopify also provides numerous free and paid for apps which make customization easier.


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