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Shop Envy Ecommerce Platform Review

og_logo_latestShop Envy is a leading ecommerce platform that’s designed to help store owners sell virtually anything. The platform is easy to use and setting up and running an online store takes as little as 5 minutes. Unlike other ecommerce platforms that focus mainly on enabling merchants set up online stores, this ecommerce software goes steps further. It incorporates an editor’s pick and trending link. These are great promotional tools which can see a product’s popularity rise. Currently, the platform has just over 54,000 active stores.


Shop Envy Pricing

Setting up an online store on this ecommerce platform is free. However, store owners are charged fees for domain name hosting and special promotions for marketing the store. The costs are $4.99 and $2.99 per month respectively.


Pros of Selling on the Platform

Opening an ecommerce store on this platform is absolutely free. Merchants get to create and run their stores in a matter of minutes. The platform comes with an easy to use user interface. No coding experience is required. The monthly fees charged are quite affordable allowing even small business owners operate their stores easily. The platform provides real human customer support 24/7. This gives merchants an easy time running their businesses. A set of functional features and tools ensures that each store opened is unique and runs smoothly. In addition, merchants can add as many products as they wish without incurring any fees. Up to 5 images per product ensures that clients can view a product from different angles before buying.


Cons of Selling on the Platform

An expected move by Shop Envy to introduce the revenue share package might not sound too good for some merchants. This move is aimed at sharing revenue earned through the marketplace.


Ease of Use

The platform is quite easy to use. Setting up a store is easy through the user friendly control panel. The ecommerce software includes many useful features and tools which make it easy to operate an online store.



Merchants are provided with a free template, they can customize their online stores to make them unique. Customization can be done through either using the control panel given or, self coding the store.