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Shea Moisture’s Biggest Mistake wasn’t just made Yesterday

shea moisture brand mistake that boutiques can learn from

If you haven’t been under a rock the last 24hrs you know Shea Moisture caused a sh*t storm of twitter, blogger, media frenzy with their new media campaign.

I’ve read all kinds of comments it’s “culturally insensitive”, “neglecting their fan base”, “forgetting where they came from”… you name.

Like a good brand they did what they should do and issued an apology affirming their dedication to their target market but the damage has been done…

But while we draggggggggged Shea Moisture through the twitter mud, their biggest mistake didn’t happen just yesterday.

And even worse…

I see a lot of businesses and especially boutiques make this same mistake every day in these Facebook groups.

Shea Moisture’s big mistake happened months maybe even a year ago.

They messed up the minute they hired the wrong people to work for their brand.

Let me explain, Shea Moisture is a multi-million dollar company selling in every major retail chain store.

The one thing we know is they aren’t doing their own marketing, they most likely didn’t create this campaign, choose the models, or even picked the slogan (yes, I know they signed off on it all) but the big mistake occurred when they hired the wrong people.

Recently I emailed my list about the importance of working with coaches, courses, and even service professionals that know about your market and niche.

No matter how great their name is or how good the deal is, none of it is worth it if they can’t help you in your specific area and your specific target market.

I’m not saying they have to be in your market but they should at least understand it and have some experience with.

Before hiring someone take the time to google their background as it relates to your brand, goals, and industry and set up some time to interview them

Here are a few questions you should ask…

  • Have you worked with [insert niche here]?
  • What kind of success you had with [insert niche] businesses?
  • What do you know about [insert target market]?
  • What is your understanding of this target market?
  • What do you think is important to them?
  • What do you like most about working with [insert niche]?
  • What do you like most about working with [target market]?
  • What other industries have you worked with?

So yeah, Shea Moisture was completely wrong, but their biggest mistake didn’t start yesterday. Next time you hire, follow, or even take advise from someone check out how much they really know and can help you.

If you need help finding the right people to work with your boutique head on over to our boutique focused Facebook Community and talk to other online retail and boutique businesses like yours.