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Check out the Blog

We’ve gathered all of our articles on starting an online boutique and put them in these 7 sections with post to help you grow the traffic, marketing, and business sides of your boutique. You can read them from beginning to end or just skip to the sections you need.

Getting Started

Start your online boutique off on the right . Picking a name, finding products, choosing a target market are all covered here.

Setting up Shop

Build your shop, list your products, everything you need to get set up and ready to sell

Making it Legal

Reseller License, Tax ID, Sales Tax all the information you’ll need to hand the legal stuff for your online store

Finding Customers

From social media to email, here’s the information you’ll need to market your online boutique and drive customers

Finish the Sale

Shipping, returns, customer service, loyalty programs. The process doesn’t end at checkout here you’ll find all of the information on keeping your customers happy,  engaged, and coming back to purchase more.


Wholesaler Directory, online shop comparison chart, and reviews from real online retailers; we’ve collected an arsenal of resources that will help you with your online boutique.

SEO Tips and Tricks for Boutiques and Beyond

Keywords, Backlinks, tips on blogging and more in this section you’ll find all of the great post to start learning what’s SEO and how it can help you