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Check yes if this is you

  • Need more traffic That’s is ready to buy to your website
  • Ready to beat out the competition in a crowded market
  • Tired of paying for FB ads and every customer you get
  • Would just love the authority and bragging rights that come from being #1 in your biz

If you checked yes to any of these, then you are in the right place. 

Let me share with you the benefits of SEO ….

When I started this site in 2013 I was nobody and nowhere in the Google streets.
In the first few months, I hit a 1000 unique visitors in 1 month. less than a year later I had 6000 hits a month. Now with minimal effort, I’m up to 12-15k hits a month.
This isn’t because I run tons of ads or because I do lots FB Lives; because I don’t.
I barely blog every week.
But I created my site so that it stands out in Google and naturally attracts the right traffic even when I’m not trying
This is what I do here at Online Boutique Source, my goal is to help you get the best search listings possible, and drive traffic that is shopping for what you sell to your list.

Here are a couple of questions I know you’ve been dying to ask about SEO…

What is SEO

I know you got this part,  but just in case SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is enhancing your website and online presence so that search engines (mainly Google) put you at the top of the results when someone searches for the item.
This is called Ranking. Your goal is to rank #1 for the keywords that bring the most traffic.

Can I really get good SEO ranks?

Search Rankings is a race, your goal is to have your site is such good shape that your site beats all of the others in the race.
Here’s the good part, there are billions of races happening out there on Google. Every search phrase (aka keywords) someone puts in google is a race and each race can win you traffic.
I recently had one client Ranking in over 500 different keywords

My website has SEO why do I need a service?

Websites with SEO are only part of the Optimization pie (a small part). Search engines look at how your site is optimized not on and off your website. They look 5 major areas
  1. Site Metrics
  2. Relevancy
  3. Timelines
  4. Popularity
  5. Originality
My SEO Services address each of these areas and make sure you have the most important parts in order to outrank the competition.
For a lot more information about SEO download my beginner’s guide.

Here’s how I can help you…

Here at Online Boutique Source, I offer a variety of SEO services for online retail, service-based, blogging, and coaching businesses.

The Real Website of SEO: Done For You Service

If you are ready to sit back and watch the magic happen, this is the service you need. All you have to do is give off a little information and access and my team and I got to work on your site for 60 days and we don’t rest until you’re Ranking

Ranking 2018  Implementation Masterminds

These are 6 weeks small group programs where we don’t just learn SEO but we focus on getting the work done for your site. The beauty of SEO is a lot of it is about setting things up right the one time, and the rest just builds on that solid foundation. In the mastermind, we clean up your site, set the foundation, and get you going on that path to ranking wins.

Are you ready to get on your road to SEO success, schedule a 15 min chat with me to see where you can go with SEO
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Rankings Increased for top keywords in a few months

Tynia Johnson-Anderson

A better word is Platinum

I purchased your SEO mini course and OMG the value of the information in that course is truly golden. Maybe a better word is Platinum!! Thank you!!

Ashley Pearson Self Care Coach

Ranking on Page 2 for Fashion Truck Pittsburgh

I learned a lot of new software, things I hadn't learned in other programs. I had a feeling this could help me. I can tell from SEMRush and Google Console that things are getting better and I'm getting the traffic.So many have said I can't a afford it but you really can't afford not to.