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This show will help you to stop dreaming about having a top online store and start building it. If you’ve been thinking about or working on starting an online store and getting into the eCommerce game this podcast can help you. Join host Akilah Thompkins-Robison for value packed shows filled with interviews with Online Boutiquers who are doing well in the space, training and online boutique chat shows, and some live on air coaching. This show will give you’re the help you need to run a top online boutique. Available for download on iTunes and Stitcher

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Podcast Episodes

The Secret To Getting VIRAL POST on Facebook with Rachel Miller

Have you wondered how people get 1000s and millions of views on Facebook or even more important, how could YOU get millions on facebook? Well Rachel MIller has figured it out. In this episode we talk with Rachel Miller of Moolah Marketing all about her system that has been used by top sellers, major corporations, and many more to figure out how to grow that engaged audience [...]

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What Retailers can learn from Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets

This episode is an edited replay of a Facebook Live I did during the the release of Russell Brunson's latest book Expert Secrets. I was so inspired from nuggets dropped in this book that I had to hop on and break down 5 strategies the today's online retailer can use to get their brand out there and making more sales. In this episode I share how our retail community can [...]

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Creating a Brand that Sparks A movement with Essence Hayes of Coloring Pins

In today’s episode we talk to Essene Hayes of Coloring Pins and Essence Murjani . Essence and her pins has been at the forefront the black girl lapel and patch movement. She’s been featured in Buzzfeed, Blavity, Essence Magazine, and a host of celebrities. By making what she loves she has not only created a break out brand but she has ushered in a new movement of style and [...]

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Opening a Brick and Mortar Boutique with Sonja Thompkins

We mainly talk about online retail here on OBS, but occasionally we get asked about opening a physical location for your boutique business or even hosting a pop-up shop or vending event. So in this episode I invited Brick and Mortar Retail Coach Sonja Thompkins to share her expertise in owning a physical retail location. In this Episode you'll learn: What to consider when [...]

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How to get your products featured and seen online

In this episode I have a real talk conversation with my followers about what's holding you back from getting media coverage, getting featured, and overall building buzz around your brand. If you find yourself thinking no one every talks about your brand or why does someone with similar products get all of the attention and your get none; then this is your episode. This e [...]

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Selling your Products in Today’s Market & Building for the future- Part 2

This episode is Part 2 of our interview with Arsha Jones of Brand Build Sell and the owner of 3 amazing brands  Tees in the Trap and Capital City Mumbo Sauce about building  phenomenal brands and the true roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship. This episode was so juicy I've split into 2 parts so you don't miss a nugget. In this episode you'll learn In Part 1 of this [...]

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Branding, Building, and of course Selling your Products with Arsha Jones- Part 1

In this episode we talk with Arsha Jones of Brand Build Sell and the owner of 2 amazing brands  Tees in the Trap and Capital City Mumbo Sauce about building  phenomenal brands and the true roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship. This episode was so juicy I've split into 2 parts so you don't miss a nugget. In this episode you'll learn In Part 1 of this episode Arsha di [...]

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Checking your Online Boutique’s Checkout Process

In today's episode I talk to you about what's killing your online checkout process and loosing a lot of sales for your online boutique. I know we talk about abandoned cart recovery, but in this episode I want to talk about what drives customers to abandon their carts and leave your online store in the first place. What you'll learn: Why people are stopping and not buyin [...]

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Is Amazon Right for You?

In This Episode Our guest, Irina Balyurko, shows us how putting your products on can benefit your business. She goes in to a detailed process of how to get your product on Amazon. What You’ll Learn Benefits of using Amazon Shipping with Amazon vs. self-shipping How to scale in your inventory to Amazon fulfillment Is it really worth it to use [...]

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Major Retailers are closing, should you Panic or nah?

In today's episode we talk about something a little different, the latest trending retail stores going out of business. This isn't a new trend it happens every year after the holiday season makes or breaks retailers, but the recent closings have caused a bit of panic and insecurity in the online retail space. So, in this episode I talk about what we need to do turn this in [...]

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Copy and FB ads that will have customers Smacking your Boutiques Buy Button

In This Episode: You need to find a way to convert all those page visits in to purchases? Well our guest, Apryl Beverly has the answers you are looking for. Apryl is the million dollar word stylist well know for he straight no chaser approach to copy writing and business. Famous for her catch phrase 'Smack the Buy Button" (don't we all need that), Apryl is an accomplishe [...]

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Simple ways to get Customers Excited with your Visual Brand

In this episode we talk to Lauren Varlack of Visionary Stationary and the creator of the Brand Flava Quiz :// Lauren is a premier designer in the Atlanta area and specialize in helping business find their unique design style. In this episode Lauren talks about branding your boutique, finding your unique style and purpose. Here's w [...]

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Making Mobile Fashion Truck Moves

In This Episode: Dieshawn has successfully accomplished one of the biggest dreams of online retail owners, she brought her products offline. But not only did she open a brick and mortar space she made it even more fun (and sales) by opening a mobile fashion truck. Imagine you're Dieshawn, you’re at your home office looking at this month’s financials, checking overhead co [...]

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How Your Boutique Can Serve and Save

In This Episode: Hey, happy thanksgiving all.Kenya gives tips and her life experience on starting a business. She also has a book coming out. Akilah speaks to Kenya about allowing your business to grow organically and according to the will of your audience. The conversation only get better from there on. This episode will teach you how to not just think about your business a [...]

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#BlogLife: How To Deepen and Expand your Boutique’s Brand

In this episode we talk with Dorothy Gray about how she used blogging and live streaming to connect with her customers and share her boutiques purpose. In this day and age the open market has many different way reach your audience. But still many struggle reaching their target market difficult would be a bit of an understatement. Your audience could be in multiple places [...]

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Why You Need To Be in a Subscription Box

In This Episode: Our special guest, Tara Jefferson, talks about subscription boxes and why it’s important for you as boutiquers to get in them. Why she and her self-care box are the subscription box for you. We talk about the how to get into a subscription box. We also talk about what to expect from for subscription box owners in term of price to get into boxes, and [...]

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Are InstaStories Right for You?

In This Episode: With the advent of social media, we have found new and innovative ways to create products. We also have new ways of marketing these products. However, with new and creative social media platform popping up every day, almost, does one decided which social media outlet is right for them? Your host Akilah will show you a simple way to decided what social [...]

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Moguling your Boutique and Getting it into Holiday Catalogs

  In This Episode: We’ve got something special for you. Our guest LaNée Javet is the “Mogul Motivator". She will give you the tips you need to make yourself a mogul. We discuss the true definition of a mogul, the mindset of a mogul, and the steps needed to make you the mogul you want to be. LaNée shows you how to prepare your business to advertise for th [...]

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Finding Your Niche and Breaking Through the Crowds

In This Episode: So you have a great idea or a great product? Now you need to find who you and your brand should target. How do you do that? From white collar to blue collar, from hi class fashion to hipster chic, and from upscale business to anime otaku everyone has a niche in the market. In today’s episode, our guest  Kierra Jones of the K Jones Collection share h [...]

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Finding Wholesalers at a Trade Show Event- Eps 9

We’ve all heard of people heading the Magic Show in Vegas, Accessories Show in NY, the Atlanta and Dallas marts and many other tradeshows around the country to find wholesalers and products for their boutiques. But who really knows where to go and what to do when you get there. When I first started working with wholesalers in 2012, the Magic Show really sounded like a w [...]

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Make your website traffic work for you [Podcast Episode 8]

In this episode I walk through all of the great things you can learn from looking at your website traffic and how it can help you boost the sales for your online boutique. Using free tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools can help you get a handle on what’s working and what’s not in your online boutique. So in this episode I talk how to stop doing busine [...]

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Ways to Sell your Products Online [Podcast Episode 7]

In this episode I talk to Dave Conrey of Fresh about ways to sell your products. Dave has written a great eBook, "Maker's Dozen: 12 Alternatives for Selling Handmade Goods Online" . In this interview we discuss some of the top online selling sites, selling through social media, and how to make your products stand out. This episode has a lot of great information [...]

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Taking action with your online boutique [Podcast Episode 6]

Starting a business can be stressful and overwelming especially in retail where it feels like everyone is doing the same thing. In today’s episode we talk to Raven Robinson about Taking Actions with your online boutique and moving away from research overwhelm. Often when we start a new business we spend a lot researching, looking, and trying to decide what to do and litt [...]

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Pros and Cons of Drop Shipping for your Online Boutique [Podcast Episode 5]

Many people are told drop shipping can be a great option to start your online boutique retail business, but they don't give all of the details, this to look out floor, or what kind of online stores does drop shipping make sense for. In this episode I discuss the God, Bad, and Ugly of using a drop shipper to get your wholesale products for your business. I get real abou [...]

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Using Value and Community to increase Boutique sales with Kimra Luna [Podcast Episode 4]

In this episode I talk with branding expert Kimra Luna about the importance of giving value to your community and Facebook group, and how building a solid community can boost your brand. Kimra talks a lot about what she has done to grow her business to 6 figure earnings in less than 1 year. And what attracts her to brand and how online stores, boutiques, and product based s [...]

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Lessons Donald Trump taught me about owning an Online Boutique- [Podcast EP 3]

This episode we explore some key lessons learned from this season of Celebrity Apprentice. The lessons include about marketing, online presence, and viral video really got me to think about the way I see many online stores run their marketing and how it could be so much better. This Episode is not an endorsement of Trump, this was way before he started spewing hatefu [...]

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Blogging for Your Online Boutique [Podcast Episode 2]

Today we talk to Ambitious Diva Marketing guru Jasmine Powers, about how blogging can help your online boutique, build a loyal customer following, and increase sales. Jasmine and I have a great time sharing our experiences with blogging and how it has helped to propel our business and keep our brands in the minds of clients and customers with our blogs. What you'll Lea [...]

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3 Things to Consider before Starting an Online Boutique [Podcast Episode 1]

Getting started is always the hardest part, so for this first episode not only did I want to tell you about the podcast but also deliver some content about what you need to know to start your online boutique. Many people start a boutique with themselves in mind but they rarely think about the customer. The customer isn't thought of until the end when it's time to market too the [...]

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