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Fix the Yellow in your Product Photos

We’ve all seen them (probably taken a few), Instagram, Pinterest Facebook, even YouTube. Those dreaded pesky yellowish photos that we hate to use on our online boutique sites but we need to get our products up so we snap a few and hope no one notices how bad they are.

I had a great post all written out share with you, but then I saw this video that could answer our prayers and I had to share right away.

Fix the yellow in your product photos-Online Boutique Source

Who doesn’t want the color of their photos to go from the left picture to the right one?

I can usually spot an amateur product photos and video a mile away based on color and lighting alone; especially those who insist on using their camera phones for product photos. One of the biggest issues I see, are yellowish tinted photos and videos. The yellow tint often distorts the true color of your products, makes models look less vibrant, and like said SCREAMS amateur. We all know the yellow is caused by lightning and the camera especially for indoor photos, but not the issue is always how to fix it.

During the week a designer friend of mine posted this video from Shameless Maya. The minute I watched I knew our questions had been answered and I needed to shout it out. I plan implementing some of the techniques in my upcoming video series including getting this inexpensive light kit (Limo Studio-Photography Day Light Umbrella Lighting Kit ). In the video Shameless Maya breaks down 3 ways you can reduce the dreaded yellow. It’s surprising how simple it is to play with the settings on the camera, or simply get a new light build. It’s also great her suggestions are for photos, videos, and she even gives tips for correct photos after they’ve been taken.
I hope you enjoy the video and get as much value as I did.

Happy Boutiquing