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Etsy Ecommerce Platform Review

EtsyLogoEtsy is a website that offers creative designers and entrepreneurs a platform to sell their products. The website is easy to use and features a fast and accessible way to sell products online. The website sells everything from photographs to hand made toys.


The cost of selling on the website is $0.20 for each product. This item will stay on the website for four months or until the item is purchased. Etsy will also claim a percentage of each sale that is made on the site. This is 3.5% for each item and will be subtracted from the sales each month.

Pros of selling on the site

Etsy is easy to use, popular on the World Wide Web and can be customized. It offers a brilliant platform for those that wish to sell their products and is geared towards these creative individuals.

Cons of selling on the site

Etsy is only a platform for the seller and offers little in the way of promotion or marketing. This is an important aspect of selling on the World Wide Web can also be difficult for those that are not in the know. If a product is on Etsy and know one knows about it, it will not sell.

Ease of use

The site is easy to use thanks to a good web site design and layout. A header of links on the sites main page should guide one to where they need to go. Registering and creating such things as a blog and an account are done by filling in a simple form. Users then upload images of their products to the shop and determine a price. A bill is sent to the user’s email once a month, which outlines all the transactions that took place in the shop.

How much can you customize

There is a limited amount can be customized on the Etsy website. Users get to create a shop with an about page and a shop banner. Profile pictures and a bio can also be added but there is little else that can be changed.

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