Wholesalers Listing!!
Is your dream to open an Online Boutique with unique and quality products your customer’s will love?
You only need a few good wholesalers to make your online boutique the best, but finding those few can kill your time energy and budget. I’ve spent hours online, on the phone, and even visiting stores in the garment district searching for the right suppliers for my stores. Many of suppliers we list specialize in wholesale boutique clothing, accessories, jewelry, and some shoes, mens, and kids clothes.
Just added the 2017-2018 Trade Show List
Get the best listing of Wholesale boutique clothing, accessories, jewelry, and more. 

The wholesaler listing that will help you find the right wholesalers for your boutique. The list contains 44 US based wholesalers and suppliers that we have reviewed and verified for product offerings, reliability, and confirmed they are a legitimate business for your business.

The listing gives you name, website, email, address, minimum purchase information, and what is needed to create an account. All of the listings have been individual researched and confirmed they are wholesale only (no one selling retail to your customers)
When you purchase you get the Fashion Wholesaler listing, Questions to ask your wholesale document and lifetime updates
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Over 75 qualified US wholesalers!!
67 wholesalers and 17 designers, here's a few of the categories:

• Women’s Clothing (29)
• Accessories (14)
• Plus Size (13)
• Jewelry (7)
• Jeans (5)
• Men (6)
• Kids (10)
• Shoes (4)
• Handbags (2)
• Swimwear (4)
• Maternity (1)
• Lingerie (5)
When you purchase you get the Fashion Wholesaler listing, Questions to ask your wholesale document and lifetime updates
And the list keeps growing, as new wholesalers are verified and added to the list you’ll get the updates at no additional charge.
You also get a bonus of our top tips for researching wholesalers and the questions you whole ask your new wholesale company before placing an order.
The Listing and bonus tips are available for $24.97, and will save you time and money from dealing with the wrong wholesalers
You've Got Questions...
Why don’t you have 100s of wholesalers on the list?
There are 1000s of wholesalers on and offline. My goal is to provide quality wholesalers that give good prices, customer service, and quality products. I am very selective about who I include in the listing. The wholesalers I included have been vetted and contacted by me, I have reviewed their site and offerings, and many of them have been used my my customers and I.
How do you find your Wholesalers?
I search far and wide for wholesalers, LOL. I’ve found wholesalers via trade shows, private buyers groups, visiting fashion districts around the country, and some have contacted me to be included.
Can I find your wholesalers on Google?
Google contains just about every website created, so If you took hours searching and knew all of the right terms to search for you could find some of the wholesalers on the list on Google. But you still would not know if they were reliable and reputable, the purpose of the list is not only to help you find wholesalers but to ensure that you are find reliable wholesalers.
Why are some of the big wholesalers I see online not on your list?
There are 2 reasons a wholesaler would not be on my list a) I have not reviewed their business yet or b) I have reviewed and their business did not meet the standard to be on the list.
When you purchase you get the listing, Questions to ask your wholesaler document, and lifetime updates  
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