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Customer Services Tips

Start an Online Boutique with an Excellent Customer Services

Consumers value customer services a lot and are willing to pay extra dollars for the satisfaction they get. So, if you plan to start an online boutique, the same principles apply. The simple act of being responsible, courteous, and honest is well appreciated by customers and soon enough you can expect loyal customers that stick to your brand like glue forever. You should expect a lot of revenue with people coming back for your services or new ones after being recommended by word-of-mouth. It is a win-win strategy that helps your online store to grow like crazy.

If you want to sell fashion online, you have to consider 3 important things. One is your website which should be easy to access. Customers want convenience and would likely turn away when they get lost in your pages. Plus, your content should have detailed product descriptions for your customers because unlike offline retail stores, they couldn’t judge the quality for themselves by touching or feeling the product.

Next is supply. Whether you’re selling jewelry, accessories, apparels, shoes or anything else, make sure that you have it in stock. Otherwise, your website’s credibility would be affected if you will not deliver on time. If you manufacture your own products and are producing it on a large scale, make clear distinction between wholesale price and retail price. This will encourage your customers to purchase in bulk and get your brand into the market.

Boutique Tip 4Last but not least is customer service. This is the most important facet of an online store and it is the single factor that has the power to bring success. There are two ways you can provide customer services online. First, you can offer an active or live support and the other is with passive or self-help customer service. The former is done by establishing live chats, 24/7 call services, and immediate e-mail replies on your online boutique. Customers are very sensitive when it comes to attention and will turn them away the moment they are directed to a machine to solve their problems. Take care of all the customer services yourself (in-house) for few months until your business takes off. After which, you can hire a virtual assistant to take care of it for you.

The passive or self-help customer service allows the customer to find answers to their own queries by referring to a “frequently asked questions (FAQ) page” on your website. You can also set up a forum with the help of online tools for your customers. This is advantageous not only to your part, but also to your customers. You can improve their shopping experience by showcasing the products, problems encountered, best usages as well as testimonials of your products.

Starting an online boutique has both advantages as well as disadvantages. But how to become successful depends totally on you and your efforts. Customer service should be seen as a money making opportunity and not a liability. Always remember that excellent customer service is a crucial determinant of hitting big in online industry. With today’s stiff and saturated market, customer services is one of the business facets you can innovate to compete among established online stores.