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Cost of Starting an Online Boutique (Video)

Cost and Price of starting an online boutique

The main goal of starting an online boutique is to make money. We all have heard the saying “you have to make money to spend money”, but when it comes to starting an online boutique you will have to struggle because there is nobody out there who will tell you how much money you need to make money from your boutique. Unlike consultant companies like Mary Kay, Avon or Pampered chef where they scream that all you need is $XXX to get started, an online boutique will going to take a little more time where you will have to do the research to find what you really need to do to get your first sale.

In this video I have discussed a few of variables that you should consider when figuring out your store budget like products, platform etc. I have also shared a few suggestions as to where you should spend money and how to save money.


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