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Choosing a store name and domain

Naming your online boutique is one of the first major steps you’ll have to take care of when starting your online boutique. A lot of people (including me at one time) get it completely wrong. Most of the people start with their name or name of their child or something else that is relevant to them but not relevant to the consumer. There are many factors you should consider when choosing a name including competition, product keywords, readability, etc. You also have to take into consideration names that will turn out to be a good domain name (URL) and it should be available for you to purchase.New Brown and Yellow Shopping Center Store Front

Now I know you must be wondering why domain name matters. Does my store name should match my domain? Absolutely YES!!!! There are some companies that do very well with company names different than the domain but they have to work that much harder to make sure traffic gets it right when searching for their site. So I highly recommend that you choose a domain name that is the name of your store, brand or company so that customers can find you easily.

Once you have selected a decent store name, you won’t be able to make further changes so make sure to choose smartly. Also it is better to keep all the restrictions and considerations in mind! Choose a discoverable name for your website that makes it easy for people to find you in the search engines. There are several benefits of choosing a decent store name. The best among them is that you will get a lot of traffic via search engines. People will be able to find your store easily. It is all about brand name.

Here are some key factors for choosing your online boutique name and domain.

  • Use your keywords: A store name should be such that it will let someone know what you sell and it should be easy to pronounce. Names with your niche keyword are known to rank higher in search engines and get more clicks because customers are sure that your site will contain what they are searching for. For example Bob’s Discount Store or Bob’s Discount Knits are the names that show what the site or store is about, right?
  • Don’t make it too long: The longer the name the more difficult to remember. If possible keep the name between 10-20 characters.
  • Avoid numbers: Numbers can be confusing and lead to mistypes. For example if your store name is so people might type which will show an error to the customers or they will land on another site. If you already have a number in your store name, I recommend purchasing all the variations of domains so that customers always land on your store even if they type incorrect URL.
  • .COM: Generally, COM is the most popular and top level domain, and most of the people try to get such a domain for any online store. While net, co and org are becoming more popular people still prefer buying com domains. In addition, if com domain for your store name has already been sold, you don’t have to risk losing valuable traffic to another site due to extension confusion. If you can’t get com consider another name, and to ward off copycats purchase the domain with the net, org, co extensions too.
  • Make sure the name is easy to read: Names with uncommon spellings, hard to pronounce etc. can be difficult for people to remember. If you decide to use an uncommon name, then also purchase the domains for the common spellings and redirect them all to your main site.
  • Avoid Punctuation
  • Be creative: You need to ensure that your name is unique and creative (I said this wasn’t easy). Creative names are remembered easily by customers and there are fair chances that you can get the domain easily.

Once you’ve picked the perfect name, check if it’s available here:



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