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Checking your Online Boutique’s Checkout Process

In today’s episode I talk to you about what’s killing your online checkout process and loosing a lot of sales for your online boutique. I know we talk about abandoned cart recovery, but in this episode I want to talk about what drives customers to abandon their carts and leave your online store in the […]

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Is Amazon Right for You?

In This Episode Our guest, Irina Balyurko, shows us how putting your products on Amazon.com can benefit your business. She goes in to a detailed process of how to get your product on Amazon. What You’ll Learn Benefits of using Amazon Shipping with Amazon vs. self-shipping How to scale in your inventory to Amazon fulfillment […]

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Major Retailers are closing, should you Panic or nah?

In today’s episode we talk about something a little different, the latest trending retail stores going out of business. This isn’t a new trend it happens every year after the holiday season makes or breaks retailers, but the recent closings have caused a bit of panic and insecurity in the online retail space. So, in […]

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Simple ways to get Customers Excited with your Visual Brand

simple ways to get customers excited with your visual brand for your online boutique retail ecommerce store

In this episode we talk to Lauren Varlack of Visionary Stationary and the creator of the Brand Flava Quiz ://visionarystationery.com/brand-flava-quiz/. Lauren is a premier designer in the Atlanta area and specialize in helping business find their unique design style. In this episode Lauren talks about branding your boutique, finding your unique style and purpose. Here’s what you’ll […]

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Making Mobile Fashion Truck Moves

In This Episode: Dieshawn has successfully accomplished one of the biggest dreams of online retail owners, she brought her products offline. But not only did she open a brick and mortar space she made it even more fun (and sales) by opening a mobile fashion truck. Imagine you’re Dieshawn, you’re at your home office looking […]

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How Your Boutique Can Serve and Save

In This Episode: Hey, happy thanksgiving all.Kenya gives tips and her life experience on starting a business. She also has a book coming out. Akilah speaks to Kenya about allowing your business to grow organically and according to the will of your audience. The conversation only get better from there on. This episode will teach […]

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#BlogLife: How To Deepen and Expand your Boutique’s Brand

build your boutique brand with dororthy gray

In this episode we talk with Dorothy Gray about how she used blogging and live streaming to connect with her customers and share her boutiques purpose. In this day and age the open market has many different way reach your audience. But still many struggle reaching their target market difficult would be a bit of an understatement. […]

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Why You Need To Be in a Subscription Box

In This Episode: Our special guest, Tara Jefferson, talks about subscription boxes and why it’s important for you as boutiquers to get in them. Why she and her self-care box are the subscription box for you. We talk about the how to get into a subscription box. We also talk about what to expect from […]

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