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Picking the Product and Target Market

‘Picking your products’ and ‘choosing your target market’ for your online boutique, go hand in hand so it is important to talk about products and target market together. You need to decide what to sell, how to sell, where to sell, whom to sell and when to sell. But it is not easy. Some businesses […]

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Why Start an Online Boutique?

Many people ask why start an online boutique and what makes it a boutique and not store? The main reason for opening a boutique is of course to make money, but a few people are also driven by the love of the product, others start a boutique as a hobby. Here are a few major […]

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Purchasing Your Domain

Once you’ve selected a name (I suggest selecting 3 to be safe), you want to check the domain availability so that you can purchase it. Most people check the domain simply by typing the URL in a browser to see if a site comes up or not, this method is not accurate. Typing the URL […]

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Choosing a store name and domain

Naming your online boutique is one of the first major steps you’ll have to take care of when starting your online boutique. A lot of people (including me at one time) get it completely wrong. Most of the people start with their name or name of their child or something else that is relevant to […]

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