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Are you ready?
No, not just think you're ready

But really Ready

Are you tired of dreaming of an Online Boutique or seeing all of these others out here and thing why not you?

  • But there are so many choices that getting started seems impossible
  • You don't know what works, what you need to get  started and get sales
  • And most of all you don't want to waste your money on websites and products that no one will buy from
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Hi, I'm Akilah. I've been working with retailers for years. 

There are so many Online Boutiques out there that are not getting sales

Over the years working with online businesses I've found the biggest reason why many online business fail, is because they don't have a strong foundation and missed critical steps when getting started.
The have a business name, but don't have a clear target market.
The put up a website, but haven't built a brand.
....or my favorite
they buy more product but don't have anyone coming to your site to buy it 

But there is a simple way to make sure you start your boutique the right way

There are 3 key phases to starting an online boutique, many people skip these steps or only do some of it and miss what they need to be successful

Dig deep into what your customer needs and what they are really shopping for

Having a pretty site isn't info you need to build a brand and a following

Go beyond Facebook Post and Instagram. Create a strategy to attract loyal customers

I have the step by step plan that you need...

Over the years I've worked with number of online retailers make their dream store a reality online business. Using my design knowledge, online marketing expertise, and retail awareness to go work step by step through each of the phases, to make sure their boutique had the pieces they needed to create a recipe

a Blueprint......

Here it is:
Build Your Online Boutique Blueprint

I have developed this 10 step program based on my experience which will help you get focused, get started, and GET ONLINE!

The Blueprint will help you answer the questions, break through the clutter, and in 10 weeks have you ready to make your first sales online.

  1. 12 Week Online Course. 10 modules and 2 implementation weeks
  2. Lessons and Assignments to help you move through the build your boutique process
  3. Online support from my staff and I. And all kinds of bonus content like building your website course, SEO course, and 2 month membership to the Boutiquers Success Vault
Create Start your online boutique

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If you are ready for your Online Boutique you are ready for this!!!

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Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

About the Author

Akilah Thompkins-Robinson is the owner of Online Boutique Source, the premier resource for boutique owners and Creator of THE Build Your Online Boutique Blueprint. While working with online retailers for over 10 years as a web designer and marketing coach, Akilah discovered businesses needed more than just a pretty website--they need online marketing, branding, and help getting traffic to convert sales. She created

Online Boutique Source was originally formed as a niche site to share all of Akilah’s online retail knowledge. Since its inception, training and coaching were introduced to further help online boutique owners. Akilah doesn’t just share her personal experience, but also the experience she's gained working with different business segments from retail, to corporate, to non-profit.

Akilah also owns other businesses that sell stationery, jewelry, tee shirts, and business retail designs.

She is also a sought-after speaker and has been featured on sites such as: Small Biz Chat, Career Magazine, Revision Path Podcast, and various WordCamps

Here's  "What You Get"

  • 10 Weeks of Video Lessons
  • Action Oriented assignments the lead to your boutique
  • Taking the Woo out of Woo Commerce web building course
  • SEO Crash Course
  • Current copy to the #1 selling Wholesalers Listing
  • 2 Month Membership to the Boutiquers Success Vault

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Blueprint for?

The Blue print is for you if you are still researching, waiting, and just not sure what to do next to start an online boutique. Even if you’ve done a few steps like picked a name or submitted for your EIN the Blueprints step by step process will help you go from ideas and confusion to running an open and successful boutique.

If you already have an open boutique and you are struggle with sales, or you are just about to launch and just need the push to finish then I recommend looking at the Boutiquers Success Vault

How much time do I need for the Blueprint lessons?

The Blueprint is a 12 week program, 10 weeks we will have a new module to review and during weeks 6 and 12 you’ll have time to catch up and implement more of the material. I recommend devoting 2-3 hours per week to review the modules and complete the assignments. Some weeks where we are focusing on build the website or writing our marketing material may take a little longer.

Will there be any 1 on 1 help in the program?

The Build Your Online Boutique Blue Print is a self-paced video course designed to give you everything you need to move through the program on your own. However, because I know there are always a few questions here and there is a discussion section on each page where you can ask questions, get clarification, and give feedback on the lessons. I monitor the discussions every day, so you will still have plenty of open access to me and my staff.

What if I can’t complete the modules each week?

If you miss a module or need a little time it’s no problem. The great thing is you have life time access to the course so you can work through it one each week, one each month, or whatever you need at your own pace. Also I monitor discussion of all of the modules regularly so even if you ask a question on a module we’ve passed you’ll still get the answer and support you need.