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Big Cartel: Ecommerce Platform Review


Big Cartel is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms that is specifically designed to cater for artists. Founded in 2005, the website was designed to help its founders sell their art easily. Today, it boasts over 400,000 independent online stores. It offers 4 plans which range from free to $29.99 per month. The site doesn’t charge any listing or transaction fees. It also comes with a couple of integrated features that coupled with its user friendly interface makes it easy to use.

Big Cartel Pricing

This ecommerce platform is free to use for artists who want to sell a maximum of 5 products. For those willing to sell over 5 products, the cost ranges between $9.99 and $29.99 a month. The paid plans are quite similar in terms of features. The main difference is the number of products that merchants can list on their stores.

Pros of Selling on the Site

The platform is quite easy to use. Artists can set up and start running their stores within minutes by selecting and customizing pre made themes. It also comes with integrated tools which make customization and order tracking easy. Each package also includes tools which make online stores easy to crawl and index by search engines. Besides selling directly through the online store, artists can also sell their products through Facebook giving them better exposure to potential clients. The platform also provides 24 hour support to merchants. The platform doesn’t have any hidden fees as it is common in other ecommerce sites. Artists can also close their stores anytime they wish.

Cons of Selling on Big Cartel

A major disadvantage of this ecommerce platform is its 300 products limit. This only caters for small businesses. It might take time having problems resolved as the platform only provides email support.

Ease of Use

Using the website is pretty straightforward. Merchants can easily open their online stores in a matter of minutes. The set of tools and features provided also make it easy to run an online store.


Merchants can easily customize their online stores. Although pre made website templates are provided, the platform also offers the option of coding your own store to make it more unique.