Are InstaStories Right for You?

In This Episode:

With the advent of social media, we have found new and innovative ways to create products. We also have new ways of marketing these products. However, with new and creative social media platform popping up every day, almost, does one decided which social media outlet is right for them?

Your host Akilah will show you a simple way to decided what social interface is right for you and your business. What would be the best way to make use to the new social interfaces. Whether it be InstaStories, Pintrest, or the next big media outlet, you’ll know which one is right for you and how best to use them


What You’ll Learn:

  • What social media outlet is right for you
  • How to differentiate whether a social media will widen your reach or deepen it
  • What to post on your social media outlets
  • How to intertwine outlets that deepen your reach with ones that widen it




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