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Are you looking for answers on how to start and grow your online boutique?

Have you had the dream of opening the perfect store and didn’t take the leap?


OnlineBoutiquesource.com has been designed to be an information hub for retailers like you, who are looking for help with the business of opening and growing an online boutique. The site has loads of great information, articles, videos, training, webinars, group and 1-on-1 coaching. If you need help with it for your online boutique it’s here. I  even have a free Facebook group for you.

A little about me…

10598210_521368081296235_421527990_aMy name is Akilah I am the owner of online boutique source. I was born and raised in NJ (I blame the state for my shopaholic ways). I have an undergraduate degree in Communications with a concentration in Marketing and advertising from Seton Hall University, and I have a Master’s degree in Information technology from Stevens Institute. I started out as web and graphic designer with my parent company AKZMe Designs over the years I learned business’s need more and more marketing and business skills for the pretty websites I was building. I became obsessed with helping my clients reach the top in their business, and I started learning other topics like SEO, Social Media, Email marketing etc. While I was designing for others I also opened a few of my own business selling jewelry, tee shirts, business retail designs, Pampered Chef, etc. I’ve even sold Mary Kay. And I took a little time to speak at events and get featured at places like Small Biz Chat, Career Magazine, and various WordCamps (see all of my Press and Media Coverage here)

And did I mention I’m also a master shopper so “I’m not just the owner I’m a client” 😆

But I always come back to the training coaching part of helping businesses.

And Online Boutique Source was born….

In June 2013 I decided I wanted to share all of my online retail knowledge. I started Online Boutique Source as a niche site and over the year introduced training and coaching to further help online boutique owners. I’m not just sharing my personal experience, but also experience I gained working with different businesses from retail, to corporate, to nonprofit; I’ve worked with online retailers for over 10 years and I’ve seen a lot of what works and what does not. I’ve seen the industry grow.

I wanted to do more than just build pretty websites; I wanted to help retailers grow amazing businesses.

So enjoy the site, join our list, learn how great online boutiquing can be!!!!