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3 Mistakes you’re making with your Wholesaler Search

3 mistakes you're making with your wholesalers
  1. One of the biggest questions I get from new boutique owners is “where do I find wholesalers?” many Google a few names and j3 mistakes you're making with your wholesalersump for the first ones they see and don’t know what to look for in a good wholesaler. When you are looking for things like fashion wholesale, clothing wholesale, or even handbag wholesale there are so many sites out there it is hard to know which are the right ones.

To help answer this question I reviewed over 100 wholesalers and put together my own Wholesaler Listing of the ones I felt were the best to work with. There are a few common things I look for when choosing a god wholesaler and in the post I want to help you avoid the mistakes many boutique owners make on their wholesale search.

Mistake 1: The wholesaler sells retail

This is the biggest no-no for wholesalers, many people shop with wholesalers that sell retail because a) it’s cheaper b) you don’t have to buy in sets, c) they often show up top in google search.

This is a huge mistake if your wholesaler is selling to individuals then your customer can just buy from them for the cheaper price. Often these companies aren’t wholesalers at all; they put wholesale in the name to attract bargain hunters. Also the items usually aren’t the cheapest you can find them if you were using a true wholesaler. They can be cheaper than retail but still not the deals you get from a true wholesaler.

Fix the mistake look for wholesalers that sell in packs, require license, or require a minimum to purchase. These requirements are usually a good sign of a true reseller

Mistake #2: The wholesaler doesn’t have reliable contact information

Having a website just isn’t good enough these days. It’s important to be able to email, call or visit a location before your purchase. Don’t get burned with a false wholesaler. I recommend only working with US wholesalers because they are easier to contact and they are held by the same federal laws that we are.

Fix the mistake call or email the wholesaler before your first purchase. Along with the wholesaler list, I also give you a list of questions to ask with the Wholesaler listing.

Mistake #3: you don’t have your resellers’ license or EIN

Most wholesalers require a resellers certificate or other documentation (i.e. Fed Tax ID or EIN) to prove you are a business before allowing you to purchase from their site and getting items as wholesale prices. Many new boutique owners run into this issue, when they are waiting for their license to come in or they are waiting to get their business started before getting everything. It’s best to get your legal paperwork as early in the process as possible. There are some wholesalers (I’ve included a few on the list too) that let your purchase if you can show invoices from other wholesalers or if you purchase the minimum. These are great options to help you get started but your legal paperwork is needed to make sure your boutique is compliant with state and federal laws.
Fix the mistake: DON’T SKIP THE LEGAL STUFF. I recommend legal zoom to help you get your licenses in order.

Listing of authentic fashion wholesalersThese are just some of the mistakes I see people make when searching for wholesalers. If you’d like to skip the search or need extra help finding wholesalers you can purchase the Wholesaler List here, the list contains verified clothing, jewelry, jeans, kids, shoes, and even swimwear wholesalers.