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“Ranking on Page 2 for Fashion Truck Pittsburgh”


I learned a lot of new software, things I hadn't learned in other programs. I had a feeling this could help me. I can tell from SEMRush and Google Console that things are getting better and I'm getting the traffic.So many have said I can't a afford it but you really can't afford not to.


“I got a better understanding of the direction I wanted to go in”


I love working with Akilah!! Before launching my site I had little to no knowledge of how to get started, nor did really even know what I wanted. Akilah help me get a better understanding of the direction I wanted to go in, helped me get my site set up and explained everything I needed to know to continue to run and maintain my site on my own. The service was efficient and affordable, and for a person like me working with limited time and money, Akilah is the perfect resource.

Tishawn Smickle

“A better word is Platinum”


I purchased your SEO mini course and OMG the value of the information in that course is truly golden. Maybe a better word is Platinum!! Thank you!!

Ashley Pearson - Self Care Coach

“Akilah wants your success as much as you do”


Sometimes your ideas can be so big that you miss the small things. Akilah holds nothing back, she wants your success just as much as you do. So she has no problems ringing you back to planet boutique. The vault has so many gems its all laid out beautifully for you.

Gamila Olson

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